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Breed Scale of Points

Trait Importance
Muzzle 5
Skull Shape 5
Ear Shape/Set 10
Eye Shape/Set 10
Profile 5
Eye Color 10
Chin Shape 5
Bone 5
Torso/Type 10
Legs and Feet 5
Tail 5
Coat Texture 10
Coat Color 15
Acceptable Outcrosses
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Did you know?
"Specialty" rings separate out cats into one of two types: "Long Hair" category include cats like Persians, Maine Coons, and other long-haired cats. "Short Hair" include Burmese, Sphynx, American Short Hair and other short-haired cats.
Did you know?
In Australia, cat shows can be either "closed style" or "open style" judging. In closed shows, the cats are placed in undecorated cages with white curtains and bed, and the owners must leave the hall