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Breed Scale of Points

Trait Importance
Muzzle 5
Skull Shape 5
Ear Shape/Set 10
Eye Shape/Set 10
Profile 5
Eye Color 10
Chin Shape 5
Bone 5
Torso/Type 10
Legs and Feet 5
Tail 5
Coat Texture 10
Coat Color 15
Acceptable Outcrosses
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Did you know?
Cats in the top 25 of their "region" (usually several states) are awarded the prestigious title of "Regional Winner" (RW).
Did you know?
Kittens from the age of 4 to 8 months compete in a separate "Kitten" class, and are also able to achieve the title of "National Winner" and "Regional Winner", but can not become Grand Champions or Grand Premiers until reaching adulthood at 8 months of age.