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Breed Scale of Points

Trait Importance
Muzzle 5
Skull Shape 5
Ear Shape/Set 10
Eye Shape/Set 10
Profile 5
Eye Color 10
Chin Shape 5
Bone 5
Torso/Type 10
Legs and Feet 5
Tail 5
Coat Texture 10
Coat Color 15
Acceptable Outcrosses
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Did you know?
"All Breed" rings allow cats of every breed approved by the CFA to be judged... From Sphynx to Persian and everything in between.
Did you know?
In the US, each judge has a separate ring with cages. The cats are brought up to the judge, who removes each cat in turn and then replaces them when they are done. Spectators, including the owners of the cats are present and in the audience.